With a name that denotes rarity, Rarever is a brand dedicated to breaking boundaries and writing its own rules to redefine high jewellery. Taking inspiration from the words "Design is intelligence made visible", it is our desire to take the beholder of our jewels on an incredible journey that surpasses time and reflects the beauty and elegance of the wearer.

Paying homage to the diamond shapes of yesteryear and the subtle beauty of rose cut, step cut and old mine cut diamonds, we recreate these antique shapes, placing them in a contemporary setting to produce individual works of art. From earrings to engagement rings and bangles to bracelets, each diamond used is of great significance and considered and cut to master the illustrious dance of light.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, our designs are influenced by ground-breaking icons of architecture, the rich bounty of nature and the sinuous, sensuality of sculpture. Intricate in appearance but bold in their artistry, each of our timeless heirlooms captures the transient moments of life and transform them into something that can be treasured for eternity.