Rarever is the journey towards rarity, it’s a continuous pursuit to bring forth the beauty that exists all around us through careful curation, illuminating study, exquisite craftsmanship and in essence redefining the meaning of high jewellery. 

Taking inspiration from the words “Design is intelligence made visible,” it is our desire to take every beholder of our jewels on an incredible journey that surpasses time and reflects the beauty and elegance of the wearer, Jewelry that is an expression of Love.

Love which is ever evolving, when it culminates in a lifelong bond, takes you on a search for that unique engagement ring you want to gift to your beloved. We believe that an engagement ring is a symbol of lovers connecting forever, and should be as unique as their relationship. A friendship that is on the cusp of becoming 'forever after', deserves to be celebrated with that which is equally everlasting - diamonds.

Each process in the house of Rarever evolves from a singular desire to celebrate the individual beauty of each jewel, which will go on to be known for their elegance, perfect balance & proportion and rare mystique 

While choosing diamond jewelry online is a fairly recent phenomenon, we at Rarever are committed to offering you the same assurance and authenticity. We want you to experience all the ease and trust of shopping in person, especially when you are in search of a unique, sparkling piece of eternity for someone you love.

Every diamond is chosen for its distinctive character and singular quality. Each stone is cut and polished to release all its brilliance and remarkable beauty. An impeccable level of optical symmetry is maintained with every stone cut, exuding fiery scintillation in all the jewels. Rarever’s in-house diamond stone manufacturing set up gives us the distinctive privilege of crafting exceptional jewelry, which includes one-of-a-kind engagement rings. 

Paying homage to the past while peering at the illusive future, that is the subtle balance of Rarever. The diamond shapes of yesteryear and the transcendent beauty of rose cut, step cut and old mine cut diamonds, we recreate the shapes from a foregone time and masterfully meld them into a contemporary setting using a combination of both bespoke handmade craftsmanship to the latest cutting-edge innovations, to produce individual works of art. 

From delicately crafted earrings to engagement rings and bangles to charming bracelets, each diamond used by Rarever is like no other. It is masterfully cut and crafted to discover the illustrious dance of light. 

Rarever is a study of the rich bounty of nature, iconic architecture, of the sinuous sensuality of sculpture, of the golden ratios that make divine beauty, a beauty that is handpicked and carefully curated just for you. Intricate in appearance but bold in their artistry, each of our timeless heirlooms captures the transient moments of life and transform them into something that can be treasured for eternity.

When you know that you've found 'the one', and your heart is bursting with Love … Rarever will help you spell 'Forever' …