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Rarever is a journey towards rarity, and there is nothing rarer than bespoke jewellery, created just for you. Using the rarest gems, the most intricate design to create pieces that speak to you, embody you and flaunt your uniqueness to the world.

Welcome to the world of rarity, bear witness to timeless craftsmanship.

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'Bespoke' spells unique, special and one of a kind. Something that is custom made exclusively for someone. In times gone by, only the royals were privileged to own bespoke diamond jewellery, among other things especially designed for them. Families with a royal lineage had their personal jewellers and craftsmen, who would be called months in advance to design necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets and brooches made from precious metals, diamonds, gemstones and pearls. These artisans would handcraft such personalized ornaments for every special occasion. These rare heirloom pieces were handed down generations, and treasured for their timelessness.
At Rarever, you can now experience the same regal pleasure, by visiting our store to customize your jewellery. Though we have a breathtaking selection of chic, pre-designed accessories, we also have a team of very skilled designers to assist you in designing your very own bespoke diamond jewellery for special occasions. In our first interaction with you, we spend time trying to absorb your thoughts, journies, vision and ideas. Our designers then get to the drawing board, to sketch a first draft of the jewellery design you have envisioned. While we love being inspired by the art and architecture of the world, we also feel enthused exploring themes and patterns that come from the women who will wear these, and then creating a confluence of cultures.
After the design is approved, a digital 3D model is presented to you. Only once you love what you see, do we get our most trained and gifted craftsmen to come in and create the actual statement piece of precious diamond brilliance. You can celebrate wearing your own creation, when it has acquired the finesse and perfection that we infuse into every piece we design.
We have designed bespoke necklaces for our clients that have ranged from delicate and demure, to distinctive and dramatic, using rose cut, old cut or step cut diamonds and rare gems like Rubellite, Opals, Tanzanites, Emeralds and many more.
Earrings are always a very individual taste, just like perfumes. It gives us great pleasure in customising a flattering pair of glitzy earrings for our gorgeous women.
We have created some eclectic designs in contemporary as well as classic, using rare shaped diamonds like Hexagons, Kites, Trillions, Carres and many more of such unheard and unseen cuts.
We feel privileged to have designed one-of-a-kind diamond rings for the most precious moments of your life, whether it is a friendship, an engagement, wedding or motherhood. This tiny accessory symbolizes eternity, and you have the freedom to adorn something timeless, or opt for something more versatile and whimsical. Our designers make sure that it is stunning, nonetheless.
Bangles and bracelets have a distinct feminine charm, and add to a woman's radiance. At Rarever, we have created heirloom pieces that are soulful yet striking. Designs using above mentioned cuts and shapes of diamonds, set in white gold or platinum, never go out of style, and we are happy to help you create and flaunt something truly splendid.
Our delightful collection - ALIGN - allows you to create signature pieces that can be as multifaceted as you are. One has the freedom to design diamond accessories with detachable elements that can be added or left out, depending on what the occasion is. Whether you’re all set to dazzle your audience, or express yourself in an understated manner, you will always have something apt to adorn yourself with. Bespoke diamond jewellery reminds you of the exceptional woman that you are, and we at Rarever simply underline that with shimmer!

 In a world where we are virtually connected, we are accessible to clients across the globe, and would be happy to design for and deliver anywhere.


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