At Rarever, we treasure every love story because it is unique to the couple who are all set to commit to each other for life.  

We have an eclectic collection of shimmering rocks that are intricately handcrafted, and will make your heart sing. Inspired by the art, architecture and astounding patterns found in Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, our bespoke diamond rings set in white, yellow and rose gold are truly unique.  

The bridal couple can select a classic solitaire ring, with one stunning diamond set in platinum, or can choose an elegant cluster in a floral pattern with old cut diamonds in soft rose gold. For the tasteful, we also have rings, studded with unusually shaped diamonds that surround a spectacular gem stone which has a story of its own! 

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Our eternity bands spell ‘forever’ and are for the truly special milestones of your life. For those who love to sport trends, you can go all out with stackable rings, by wearing multiple rings on the same finger, or a delicate diamond one on each finger, and then let your hands lead the conversation. If you are selecting something for your fiancée, you will be charmed by some patterns with exquisite fancy shaped diamonds, one such being a Moval, a stunning and rare combination of Oval and a Marquee diamond. These styles almost never go out of fashion, and pair beautifully with outfits for any occasion, at any time of the day or night. Our designers have painstakingly worked on each layout and style, so that you have a range of traditional, classic, contemporary and avante garde motifs to select from, for the perfect engagement ring. 

The journey between getting engaged and taking your wedding vows is a precious and memorable one, and this one accessory is always given the most attention and importance by everyone around. So, it simply has to be something that stands out. We believe that each bride deserves a wedding ring like no other. You can be sure that when you flaunt your unique bespoke ring from Rarever, no one will have a piece resembling it. After all, no one can have a relationship quite like yours! 


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